Seaside Songbirds

Seaside Songbirds is a singing group for girls ages 7 to 10. This class will teach fundamentals of basic healthy vocal technique and introduce young vocalists to ensemble singing. Our goal is to expand the class to include more age groups and boy in the near future. Read below to see if this class may be for your young vocalist.

  • An short, informal audition is required for admission to the group. The audition will focus on matching pitches, reproducing intervals, and rhythm. No special preparation or prepared piece is required.
  • Just like private lessons, students will be expected to practice at home, listen to CD recordings of music, and learn the words to the repertoire on their own. Instructions and information will be sent home with students.
  • Classes will be held on Fridays from 4:00 PM to 4:50 PM from September 20th through November 22 (our instructor is expecting a baby end of December; we will resume classes some time in the spring).
  • Tuition for this class is $138 (including tax) and can be paid in three monthly payments of $46 in September, October, and November.
  • When enrolling in the class, a commitment to participate through the end of the session is expected.
  • Age-appropriate songs and repertoire will be selected from classic vocal literature and may include songs from musical theater, art songs, folk music, spirituals, holiday music, etc.
  • We are registered vendors for Connections/IDEA.

Call to schedule an audition (don't worry, it's low-key and just a chance for us to get to know your student)...235-6705