Recital Times

Please remember to arrive at the Mariner Theater (Homer High School) 15 minutes prior to your assigned recital time. Performers should be in dress clothes (slacks or a skirt, dress shirt and shoes). No jeans, hats, or sneakers please. Also, don't forget your music and instrument, if applicable. Please note that the lists below do not reflect the order in which students will play. Thank you!

7 PM Friday, May 13

Jayce M.
Jimmy G.
Lindsey S.
Madison A.
Patrick H.
Reuben B.

3 PM Saturday, May 14

Alectra M.
Alexis M.
Annalynn B.
Beth P.
Carly N.
Davida J.
Elsa P.
Emerald M.
Hannah V.
Ian B.
Ireland S.
Jackson S.
Luke N.
Lucas S.
Madison M.
Madison S.
Mariah Mc.
Matthew P.
Rhythm C.
Sara S.

1 PM Saturday, May 14

Brynne C.
Charlotte F.
Faith L.
Inca S.
Jayden S.
Jocelyn W.
Joelle B.
Jonah S.
Kenyon J.
Kyle C.
Kyler S.
Liam H.
Liam J.
Madison J.
Myleah C.
Preston S.
Regan B.
Reilly Sue B.
Taylor F.
Thea J.